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Reba Place Church is home to many local painters, sculptors, knitters, photographers, writers and poets. We believe creativity is a profound way to connect with God and Spirit, so we encourage folks to share their creations through mediums like community-written devotionals and community art.


All banners, photographs, paintings, and traditional Mennonite quilts found throughout our Meetinghouse and Ministry Center were lovingly made by Reba members.


Throughout the year, a communal household of young artists hosts a coffeehouse-style evening of performing and sharing art and ideas.


During Sunday services and special events, we provide materials for coloring and drawing — we encourage folks of all ages to use them.

The six banners hanging outside the Reba Place Church Meetinghouse represent our faith values.

Click on a banner for information regarding its creation and symbolism.

Click here for a news article about the project itself.

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