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This 8 x 8 foot banner was designed and painted by artist Rob Larson with the support and help of 25 folks from the congregation over the course of a year from summer 2020 to summer 2021. The team used acrylic paint on specially treated canvas. Read more below.



The symbolism is abundant, and we encourage all viewers to pay attention to their own heart’s response to the art! But here’s some of what we see and want to express in this design:

  • The Holy Spirit is symbolized by a dove that descends upon Jesus during his baptism with a message of Belovedness (Mtw 3:16-17, Mk 1:10-11, Lk 3:22, Jn 1:32).

  • In the book of Genesis, the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters of creation.

  • The dove with an olive branch is a symbol of peace, and of our faith group, Mennonite Church USA. It is based on the story of Noah and the dove that returned with hope and good news that land was near.

  • The olive branch is an ancient symbol meaning “let us make peace” and the willingness to bring conflict to a resolution.

The dove is painted like the expansive galaxies of space, symbolic of God’s transcendence and beauty and mystery.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-06 at 3.24.01 PM (1).jpeg

Reba Place Church is a community that seeks the gifting, guidance, power and love supplied by the Spirit of God. We’re not capable by ourselves of fixing ourselves or the broken systems of this world. But we believe God’s Spirit responds when we ask for help, empowering us for worship, for being life-giving neighbors, for speaking truth to power, for enjoying healthy relationships and families, for creating beauty, and for knowing sustaining joy even in hard times. See our complete statement of faith.

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