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Reba Place Church is a faithful community in which to grow together.


Our children’s faith development program (preschool through 5th grade) is a mid-week time of song, dance, Bible teaching, art, and games for our younger generation. The gathering was enthusiastically named “Adventure Kids” by the children in the congregation. We utilize the Narrative Lectionary curriculum from Spirit & Truth Publishing called Living the Word, which follows a three-year cycle of important themes and characters in the Bible. Kids and families gather for a Family Meal each week prior to our children's ministry

programming. After eating and socializing

together, the kids are led through a large-

group teaching time that usually includes

drama, song, and dance. The large-

group time engages the kids together

with their parents, caregivers, and

teachers. Children then spend the

second half of the evening in small

groups, where they can explore the

themes in age-appropriate and

meaningful ways with a trusted small

group leader. We also use the Circle of Grace curriculum two weeks per year, which teaches healthy physical and emotional boundaries in developmentally appropriate ways to each grade level. We love our kids and see in them the image of God and the future of God’s love working in a beautiful but hurting world. Reach out to us to learn more about how to join in for our  Family Meal and Adventure Kids program! 

During our Sunday morning service, childcare is available during the sermon for young children through the age of kindergarten. All childcare workers and teachers have gone through background checks and training in order to provide a caring and nurturing environment for our little ones. The Nursery is available for parents and caregivers to utilize on their own with their infants as needed throughout the service. “Quiet bags” and coloring materials are available for older children to use as they wish while in the sanctuary during the service. We also welcome movement, singing, dancing, and waving flags during the musical set of our service, to encourage a lively and kinetic experience of worship for all. We hope to create a Sunday morning experience that is positive and life-giving for children of all ages as well as for their parents and caregivers.

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Our youth gatherings allow us a time and space for getting to know God and one another in meaningful and relevant ways. Our Junior Youth (Middle Schoolers in grades 6-8) join the Adventure Kids for a mid-week Family Meal prior to breaking out into their own group for devotions and games. There are opportunities to connect with the younger kids as well as forge meaningful connections with their peers and trusted adult leaders. Our Senior High Youth (High Schoolers in grades 9-12) meet at a separate time for their own evening of fellowship, learning, and fun. They are currently watching the TV series The Chosen, which is a dramatization of the life of Christ and his followers. The Senior High Youth meet in various homes in the neighborhood for these times of watching, discussion, snacks, and games. Feel free to Contact us for this week’s meeting times, locations, and more information!


                                                                                      Once a month, the Junior and Senior Youth                                                                                                    Groups gather to participate in a Service Project.                                                                                          These monthly gatherings have been a great way                                                                                          for our youth to engage in the local community,                                                                                            become aware of the needs around us, and build                                                                                          community within our church. Some projects that                                                                                          we've done this year include home repairs for a                                                                                            local family, volunteering at the annual                                                                                                            Connections for the Homeless Winter Warmth                                                                                              event, and Christmas caroling at a local nursing                                                                                            home. Through the years, the RPC youth have also                                                                                        enjoyed connecting with the youth at our sister                                                                                              church, Living Water Community Church in Rogers                                                                                        Park, attending Mennonite Youth Retreats, as well as traveling to the Annual Mennonite Convention for teaching and worship with youth from around the country. We are glad to walk alongside our youth to nurture their questions, engage them in the world, and challenge them to grow in their faith in Jesus!



Each Sunday morning we host a sermon discussion group after the service (roughly 11:15 am - noon). This is a set-apart time to ponder and reflect on the sermon, pose theological questions, or otherwise get to know some other adults in the congregation. Another great way to connect with other adults in our community is by joining a Small Group! You can learn more on our Small Groups page.

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