Reba Place Church is a faithful community in which to grow together.


Our children’s faith development program (preschool through 5th grade) is a mid-week time of song, dance, Bible teaching, art, and games for our younger generation. The gathering was enthusiastically named “Adventure Kids” by the children in the congregation. We utilize the Narrative Lectionary curriculum from Spirit & Truth Publishing called Living the Word, which follows a three-year cycle of important themes and characters in the Bible. The kids enjoy a large-group format for half of the evening that engages the preschoolers up through the 5th graders as well as parents, caregivers, and teachers. The kids spend the second half of the evening in small groups, where they can explore the themes in age-appropriate and meaningful ways with a trusted small group leader. We also use the Circle of Grace curriculum two weeks per year, which teaches healthy physical and emotional boundaries in developmentally appropriate ways to each grade level. We love our kids and see in them the image of God and the future of God’s love working in a beautiful but hurting world. 

During our Sunday morning service, childcare is available during the sermon for young children through the age of kindergarten. All childcare workers and teachers have gone through background checks and training in order to provide a caring and nurturing environment for our little ones. The nursery is available for parents and caregivers to utilize on their own with their infants as needed throughout the service. “Quiet bags” and coloring materials are available for older children to use as they wish while in the sanctuary during the service. We also welcome movement, singing, dancing, and waving flags during the musical set of our service, to encourage a lively and kinetic experience of worship for all. We hope to create a Sunday morning experience that is positive and life-giving for children of all ages as well as for their parents and caregivers.


Our youth gatherings allow us a time and space for getting to know God and one another in meaningful and relevant ways. Our time together is different every week, but usually includes some form of shared meal, group game or activity, and opportunity for learning, discussion, and prayer. Our lessons follow the same Bible stories that are being shared on Sunday mornings, to allow youth and parents a chance to connect.


Once a month we go on some sort of adventure—corn mazes, DIY escape rooms, and a Mennonite Youth Retreat are all on our list for the fall and winter! For the 2019-2020 school year, our youth group will be serving 6th-8th grade students. High schoolers are meeting with Living Water, our sister church in Rogers Park. Contact us for this week’s meeting time and more information!


Each Sunday morning we host a sermon discussion group after the service (roughly 11:15 am - noon). This is a set-apart time to ponder and reflect on the sermon, pose theological questions, or otherwise get to know some other adults in the congregation.