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This 8 x 8 foot banner was designed and painted by artist Rob Larson with the support and help of 25 folks from the congregation over the course of a year from summer 2020 to summer 2021. The team used acrylic paint on specially treated canvas. Read more below.


The symbolism is abundant, and we encourage all viewers to pay attention to their own heart’s response to the art! But here’s some of what we see and want to express in this design:

  • The Earth is represented by an azimuthal map which allows for all seven continents to be seen in one circle.

  • All the nations of the Earth are surrounded by a radiating cross and circle of light symbolizing our recognition of the light of Christ in churches around the world and part of many different streams and groupings.

  • The quilt pattern of the outer circle resembles a compass with its four points.

  • The four points represent the four corners of the world.

  • The unbroken circle represents the unity we have in Christ.

  • The spiritual compass points us toward Jesus Christ (see the first banner).


Reba Place Church is a community that recognizes our membership in a worldwide church that is not bound by language, ethnicity, nationality, or citizenship. We acknowledge the importance and integrity of our inherited faith traditions and ethnic cultures, yet we seek to learn from others in order to expose our own blind spots and celebrate the creativity and diversity of God’s family. See our complete statement of faith.

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