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This 8 x 8 foot banner was designed and painted by artist Rob Larson with the support and help of 25 folks from the congregation over the course of a year from summer 2020 to summer 2021. The team used acrylic paint on specially treated canvas. Read more below.


The symbolism is abundant, and we encourage all viewers to pay attention to their own heart’s response to the art! But here’s some of what we see and want to express in this design:

  • The Good News is like a beautiful flower that is opening and unfolding and is to be shared as a gift of love. A blooming flower invites people to “stop and smell the roses”.

  • The design is based on a symmetrical flower with a cross at the center representing Christ with four radiating stamens that represent the four gospels. 

  • Flowers specifically, and the image of a garden more generally, are used by the prophet Isaiah to signify restoration (Isaiah 35, Isaiah 27:6, Isaiah 51:3).

  • The red tipped petals are reminiscent of the Dogwood flower; the Dogwood flower has been used in the past to convey the message of Christ with its “blood-stained” petals.

  • The Dogwood tree is an important food source for dozens of species of birds, making it a place of hospitality, and a link to the first panel with the tree and birds. The birds then distribute the seeds which leads to new trees in new places.


Reba Place Church is a community where the joy and restoration and peace and life giving power of following Jesus is overflowing and we can’t keep it a secret.  We strive to hold a space of generous hospitality, with a posture of openness and curiosity for friends and strangers to join this journey of faith. Together we seek God, love one another and our neighbors, study and wrestle with the Bible, humbly share our experiences and insights and resources, and welcome the questions and challenges which inevitably arise. See our complete statement of faith.

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