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Mella Davis' Solar Panels

Good news! Earlier this winter, Reba Place Church collected a special offering for solar panels. Between our congregation's special gifts, and an additional $1,024 from our Missions Budget (emptying that line item for the year) -- we were able to give $6,210 towards a Solar Panels Project of Teachers for the Nations in South Africa, directed by our former member, Mella Davis. We recently heard from Mella that our gifts, combined with an additional $3,200 from another church, enabled Teachers of the Nations to fully fund their Solar Panel Project!

We are happy to support the holistic work of community building, education, discipleship, music making, job training, and overall godly empowerment that is happening in South Africa with Mella and her team. Thank you for your generosity toward Mella's ministry and helping them to realize their goal of utilizing solar power! You can learn more about Teachers of the Nations here.

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