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Easter Sunday

Celebrate the Resurrection! Join us Sunday to rejoice that death is not the end of Jesus' story, nor of ours! You can start with greeting the sun over Lake Michigan at the sunrise service if you're an early riser (see separate note) -- or you can happily roll in to the Meetinghouse at 9:45 am and grab your coffee before experiencing the Resurrection Earthquake and Was it a Morning Like This dance at the start of the service at 10 am!

We'll be hearing and seeing the stories of Jesus' resurrection in Scripture (John brought to life in movement)... of course we'll also be singing! Come and experience these and other joyful surprises, during and after the service. Guests are warmly welcomed!

  • 9:30 am -- Pre-service Coffee

  • 10 am -- Worship

  • 11:15 am -- Cake & Chat!

Photo by Rob Larson "Stepping into the Light of Easter," detail from mural on RPC Meetinghouse

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