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This Sunday, May 5

Join us for worship and the joyful mystery of Communion this Sunday. We'll sing and pray and reflect on being living branches on the vine who is Christ! Childcare for kids Pre-K through Kindergarten will be provided in the latter part of the service. Scriptures include John 15:1-17 and Acts 10:44-48. After the service, we'll follow Jesus' example and enjoy the spiritual practice of eating together at Potluck! Please bring a dish to share that can serve 10+ people. Store-bought or homemade dishes are both welcome! Salads, meats, breads, fruit, desserts. Guests are warmly welcomed! In Room and on Zoom.

  • 9:30 am -- Pre-Service Coffee Plus

  • 10 am -- Worship

  • 11:20 am -- Potluck!! Bring food and friends.

Photo by Julie Larson

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