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December Youth Events

The Reba Place Church Youth Group gathers each week for dinner and programming on Wednesday evenings. All middle school and high school youth are invited! In addition to these regular times together, we have some special events lined up for the next month. Reach out to Pastor Laura if you want to learn more!

Youth Wall Demolition

Fri, Dec 1, 7-8 pm @ the Youth Group Room in the Ministry Center.

Our youth room will be EXPANDING to accommodate all of our fun and energetic kids this year! Youth are invited to help knock down a wall and have a cookie together afterwards :) John Cook will lead this event with support from youth leader, Stephen Wilke.

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Sat, Dec 16, 1-4 pm @ the Wilke's home.

Meet at our wonderful youth leaders, Stephen and Carolyn's, home (731 Case St) for an afternoon of baking, decorating, eating and fun!

Photo by Laura Kraybill

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