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Back to School Blessing

May you notice something to be grateful for, no matter how small, before you get out of bed in the morning. May the Holy Spirit anoint you with a kind and creative and whimsical sense of humor. May you recognize the Spirit's reminding you that you are loved and gifted and capable of learning, and you don't have to be best at everything. May you see beyond the annoying words and actions of others to their frustrations and fears underneath. May you have compassion both for them and yourself. May you find words and pictures to share your thoughts and feelings with honesty and humility. May you be free to apologize and to forgive wherever needed. May your innate curiosity give you a longer attention span that you expect. May you grow in grit -- able to press into doing good but hard things for a bit longer today than you could yesterday. May you recognize when you need a rest. May you find yourself envisioning exciting futures made possible by your learning. May you have the grace to laugh at your own mistakes and to be kind to others about theirs. May you remember and celebrate a lesson learned during the day, even if it is to know that something didn't work and needn't be tried again. May you sleep in peace, knowing you are loved, no matter what. ~Pastor Charlotte

Photo by Charlotte Lehman

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