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After-Service Discussion

You are invited to stay after worship this Sunday (end of service until 12:15 pm at the latest) for a brief presentation about several important considerations for our congregation:

  1. Should we consider changing our regional Mennonite conference affiliation? Although we here at RPC are inclusive of LGBTQ persons in our policies, we are currently members of Illinois Mennonite Conference (IMC) which does not allow the ordination of anyone in a "same-sex marriage/relationship". We could begin the lengthy process of changing our affiliation to Central District Conference (CDC) which is also part of Mennonite Church USA (MC USA), a conference more aligned with our own inclusive policies.

  2. Be informed about upcoming decisions in which RPC has a vote in MC USA. Carol Youngquist, Lay Administrator on the RPC Leadership Team, and I will represent RPC at MC USA's special delegate session in Kansas City, May 27-30, 2022, at which several Resolutions will be considered. We will briefly describe each of the Resolutions and the potential impact on us if each should be affirmed or not affirmed by the delegate body.

NO VOTES will be taken at this meeting. We will RECORD the meeting for later viewing as well. We will follow up in the next week with a survey to get an idea of our community's reactions to these issues, and will decide from there about what further meetings/discussions are needed to hear all voices well. Here's a link to information about the MC USA Special Delegate Session, including recorded webinars about each Resolution. This is a great time to get informed! See you there as we embark on prayerful discernment together, ~Pastor Charlotte

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