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Week of Rest

This is Week of Rest at Reba Place Church (Mon, June 24 - Sun, June 30) -- the first occurrence of a new "Holy Experiment" prompted by our church Visioning Process! The idea is that whenever a 5th Sunday occurs in a month, we'll declare the week leading up to that Sunday as a Week of Rest. Fifth Sundays occur about quarterly. 

During a Week of Rest, we encourage everyone to be very deliberate about prioritizing REST in their schedules. Perhaps cancel or postpone regular meetings, or do them in a way that is as simple and restful as possible! Each individual will have to consider how they can simplify or slow down in a way that's restful to them. This is, as we say, a "Holy Experiment" -- so we courage people to take an experimental attitude toward it! See what works for you and the groups that you are a part of. 

After this week, the next week of rest will fall on Sept 23-29. We'll be experimenting with what changes we can make to Sunday gatherings during Weeks of Rest to give more rest to the many folks who make them possible!

~Pastor Charlotte

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