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This Sunday, May 29

Join us on Sunday, in person (with masks) or on Zoom! Limited parts of the service will be broadcast on Facebook Live.

Start off with a cup of coffee and chatting with others at Sidewalk Coffee Plus at 9:30 am at the 620 Madison Street doors!

Then join us at 10 am for worship with music, prayer, Scripture and the joy of being a community on the journey of discipleship together. Adam Vaughan will bring the message as we continue drawing insights and wisdom from the letter to the Philippians 2:1-13. We'll also read Luke 6:43-45. Childcare for kids up through kindergarten provided for the latter part of the service. Guests warmly welcomed!

Hang out at the Sermon Discussion after the service (11:20 am or so) running until noon. Share your thoughts and reflections on the ideas from the message, or just listen in as others do. No prior attendance necessary! We'd love to see you!

Photo by Julie Larson

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