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This Sunday, Jan 9

ONLINE Worship live via Zoom on Sun, Jan 9 -- We'll give the post-holiday-gatherings COVID surge at least another week before gathering a lot more of us in person at the Meetinghouse. But don't worry, we won't stay all-online forever!

Don't miss the chance to hear Lane Miller, M.Div.'s message on Jesus unexpectedly turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana! We'll read John 2:1-11 and Psalm 104:1-16. We'll pray and sing together, led by musicians singing live in the Meetinghouse (most likely, as everything is subject to change!). There will a time for Sermon Discussion in the Zoom after worship. Guests are always welcome. Hope to see your face when we all turn on our cameras at the end of the service and for the Sermon Discussion. God is still good in 2022! ~Pastor Charlotte

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