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This Sunday, February 28

Did you know rest is biblical? When the pandemic lockdowns began, we were flooded with messages about how we should spend our time and what goals we should pursue. Our culture centers on productivity and accomplishment, even in the midst of crisis, and sometimes we pay the price with personal burnout, societal inequities, and environmental harm. Join us on Sunday as member Cassidhe Hart, M.Div. helps us explore what it might mean to resist the cult of production and embrace a life centered on God-given rest and renewal.

We'll also sing, pray, and celebrate our meaningful heritage of African-American spirituals! Join in the Zoom Room where you can easily share your prayer requests and joys in the Chat, and share your questions and ideas in the discussion time after the service is over! Or follow the service on Facebook Live! Guests welcome! ~Pastor Charlotte

Photo by Iván C. Fajardo on Unsplash

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