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This Sunday, Feb 6

Woohoo, we're gathering in-person as well as on Zoom this Sun, Feb 6, for worship at 10 am! We'll have a great time sharing Communion together, and Pastor Charlotte will reflect on one of the few healing stories in the Gospel of John, John 4:46-54. We'll also read Psalm 40:1-5, sing, pray and support one another through these challenging times. Guests warmly welcomed. No sermon discussion this week; just enjoy chatting after worship before you go!

Please wear your best mask to worship. If you only have a simple cloth mask, please grab a surgical mask provided at the door and add (or substitute) that to the cloth one you have on. We want to protect our healthcare workers and unvaccinated children especially, and all our neighbors from the spread of the COVID virus. Thank you! ~Pastor Charlotte

Photo by Julie Larson

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