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Special Speakers this Fall

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

We have a couple special speakers coming to share with Reba Place Church in the coming weeks. Mark your calendars...

  • Sun, Oct 16 -- Ric Hudgens will preach on the topic of God's Deliverance from the book of Joshua. Ric is a Mennonite Pastor, neighbor, and former Pastor of Reba Place Church.

  • Sun, Oct 23, 30 & Nov 6 -- Nader Sahyouni will preach a 3-part series on the theme of Anxiety Transformed, expounding on material from his new book. He will speak about insights from psychotherapy, spiritual formation, and brain science to look at how best to pray when we are anxious in the present, how to pray through root causes of anxiety, and how to pray to build resilience to better face anxiety in the future. Nader is Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Spiritual Director.

  • Thurs, Nov 10 -- Nader Sahyouni will present a free webinar, which will give folks who are blessed by his sermons a chance to get more into the material.

Images from (Nader) and (Ric)

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