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Special Delegate Session Update

Good news, but not unity, from the Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) Special Delegate Session held May 27-30. Thanks for all the prayers invested in this significant gathering of delegates from churches, conferences and constituency groups across the MC USA. Special thanks to RPC Leadership Team member Carol Youngquist for giving the four days of time it took to be a delegate alongside me (Pastor Charlotte)!

The resolution to "retire" the Membership Guidelines passed with 82.8% of the delegate vote. The Resolution for Repentance and Transformation was voted on to the agenda by delegates (72.6% affirmed) and then it was passed/affirmed as a resolution of the church, but by a fairly small margin -- 55.7% yes, 44.3% no. The Accessibility Resolution was passed unanimously. As planned, our For Justice in the U.S. Criminal Legal System resolution was discussed but not voted on, because it was designated as a "Study Resolution." I will share my perspective this Sunday, as we celebrate Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit giving birth to the church and the ways the Spirit is moving in the church now; and as we share in the sacrament of Communion together. You can see the details of the votes and highlights of comments made in the discussions here. We have reason for both celebration and ongoing fervent prayer that MC USA will move towards justice and loving welcome for all, even in the midst of our differing interpretations of what that means. ~Pastor Charlotte

Mural from the RPC Meetinghouse, entitled "Welcoming Everyone"

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