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Pick up an Advent Devotional

2021 Advent devotionals are now available! Advent season will begin on Sun, Nov 28 this year. Reba Place Church is providing beautiful, thoughtful daily devotionals for anyone who is interested in going deeper this season as we anticipate the arrival of the Christ Child. Devotionals are put together by A Sanctified Art, "a collective of artists in ministry who create resources for worshiping communities. Driven by the connective and prophetic power of art, they believe that art helps us connect our hearts with our hands, our faith with our lives, and our mess with our God." Learn more about their work at If you already indicated that you would like to receive a devotional, there is one on the table at the Meetinghouse waiting for you with your name on it. If you indicated that you'd like one sent to you in the mail, you can expect to receive it next week. There are several extras for the taking, so please pick one up for your family if you would like one!

Above artwork provided by A Sanctified Art

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