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Our Folks in Kansas City

The Biennial Convention of Mennonite Church USA is underway this week in Kansas City, Missouri! Please remember to keep our RPC folks in prayer who are there now participating in various ways. SaeJin Lee and Lane Miller are leading worship for the delegate body; Pastor Laura, Ken Stewart, Cheryl Nester-Detweiler, Dan Nester-Detweiler, Holli Nester-Detweiler and three youth are participating in Convention workshops and worship through the week; and Pastor Laura and Cheryl will represent RPC at the Delegate Assembly at the end of the week.

You can read more about MennoCon23 here: Follow along with the day-to-day excitement of MennoCon23, the Youth & Young Adult Climate Summit and the Delegate Assembly by subscribing to MC USA’s daily email convention newsletter, the KC Sauce, here. View the online version here.

Photos provided by many!

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