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Nominations for Trustees

It is time for the Reba Place Church membership to prayerfully consider who they would like to nominate for the leadership role of Trustee in our community. Our current Trustees are John Cook (1 year remaining until stepping down or being reaffirmed) and Anne Stewart (planning to remain a Trustee after being reaffirmed). We are looking for two additional Trustees, or as many as three. Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts regarding who fits the descriptions and qualifications of Trustee (provided in the link below). Then please thoughtfully fill out the nomination form, either through the online form below or on a paper copy available at the Meetinghouse. Who is allowed to submit nominations? Do my nominations make a difference? RPC members are the folks charged with the right and responsibility to nominate and then later to vote on the confirmation of Trustees. And yes, your nominations matter, because the number of nominations a person receives makes a difference in their being considered for this important role. Read more about the nomination process and qualifications for a Trustee here.

Submit your nominations through Sunday, May 28. Access the online form here. Thank you! Photo from the RPC Archives

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