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Member Vote on the Budget & Policy

It's that time of the year when folks who have aligned their hearts and efforts with the mission and people of Reba Place Church through committing to membership are called upon to vote on our plan for stewarding our resources in the next year. We also have a policy proposal about what to do when the question of unbudgeted spending comes up. Here's a link to the video of the 42-minute (only!) congregational meeting this past Sunday, November 28th, at which time Carol Youngquist explained the proposal for a Temporary Budget, and Stephen Wilke explained the spending policy proposal. The 2022 Proposed Budget spreadsheet was attached to the email sent November 30th and here is a link regarding the policy proposed, as revised at the meeting. Here's the link for your online vote. Or you can use a paper ballot at the Meetinghouse next Sunday. Voting will remain open until December 12, 2021.

Let's continue to pray for Operation Pastoral Team! Our context is always changing, but God is forever faithful and will enable us to meet the new challenges so that God's love and justice can spread to every corner of ourselves, our neighborhood, and our world. For the reconciliation of all things to God through Christ,

~Pastor Charlotte

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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