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Giving Opportunity

Let's Help our Missionary Mella Davis, PhD, in South Africa, be able to purchase the building out of which she has been ministering through Teachers of the Nations for the past 12 years. Last year we helped with funds for solar technology. Mella reports that she is very grateful to actually have running hot water for the first time, heated by a rooftop solar unit.

A few months ago, Mella received notice that the owner of their building is planning to sell, and they would have to either buy the building or move.

Reba Place Church as a whole has recently sent $2,000 in support of this purchase from our mission budget. Other organizations and private donors have contributed another $80,000. Mella is in need another $5,000 to close the deal. If you would like to contribute towards this building purchase, in support of the educational, vocational, spiritual and arts education Teachers of the Nations provides to under-resourced students, you can give via cash, check, Venmo, or online to Reba Place Church, designated to "Mella Davis Mission Home." We'll send 100% of designated gifts to them. This is a time-sensitive request -- send your gifts by Sun, July 21 so we can get the funds to Mella in time. What a joy that our community of faith spans across oceans! 

 ~Pastor Charlotte

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