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COVID-19 Safety Policies Survey

Dear Reba Place Church community,

Our RPC Safety Team has put together a brief survey to get a sense of how people are weighing the risks of COVID-19 infection as policies around masking and vaccination have recently relaxed in our city and state.

The risks of COVID-19 infections aren't equal for all -- vaccines have yet to be approved for kids under 5. Meanwhile, older adults and those with suppressed immune systems still face higher risks even when vaccinated. (James Kath has written a document to provide the latest information about treatments that may be especially helpful for those people. We highly recommend for everyone to read this:

We'll continue streaming worship services on Zoom for those who can't come to services in person. Assessing the congregation's comfort level will help us know when it's a good time to move towards policies that will allow us to resume some of the community life we've missed over the past 2 years, including potlucks and seeing each others' faces in worship.

Please answer this short survey to help us understand your feelings and concerns overall around changing masking and social distancing policies in our worship services. (This survey is anonymous.) Please access the survey here.

~RPC Science & Safety Team (Carolyn Wilke, James Kath, Debbie Cook, John Cook)

Photo by Julie Larson

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