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Congregational Meeting this Sunday

It's all about helping spread God's Shalom inside and outside the walls of the church! RPC Members and interested attenders -- don't miss this great opportunity this Sun, Nov 28, right after worship until about 12:15 pm. We will learn about the following:

  1. The RPC Leadership Team and Trustees will present the Budget Plan for 2022! They'll explain the proposal of a Temporary 2022 first quarter budget, which allows time to assess the preparation for increasing our pastoral staffing which is currently underway, and the need for some significant facility maintenance costs as well.

  2. The Leadership Team is proposing a new Policy for Expenditures and Approvals.

You'll have a chance to ask questions about both items, and then RPC members can vote (either online by paper ballot) for the next two weeks. The meeting will be recorded for those who cannot attend and we will distribute the materials shared at the meeting via email to all members.

Artwork: Experiencing Together the Good News of Jesus Banner at the RPC Meetinghouse

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