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A Blessing for the Week of All Saints Day

by Pastor Charlotte Tsuyuki Lehman

May God bless you this week With a refreshing of the gifts you received From those who are now gone from this earth As you remember, may you feel again The encouragement of being seen and known The smile of sharing a joke no one else gets The warmth of receiving care and support when you were down The security of walking through years together In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer May God give you comfort as you feel The stabs of grief and the pain of physical disconnection And may you find strength to reach out For companionship in the present. May God give you hope this week As you remember those whose dreams and journeys And love and struggles To the end of their lives Inspire us to keep on keeping on So that someday when we join them In the great cloud of witnesses We can say that we told their stories And added our own And we saw the beginning Of some of the dreams They worked for Come to pass

Photo by Anton Darius

on Unsplash

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