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This Sunday

Did you know the great biblical figure Joseph was an ex-con? Yet God used him to save the children of Israel and all of Egypt from famine! 

Join us this Sunday at 10 am as Pastor Charlotte Lehman and Reba member Zach Begly start with the story of Joseph, and then present an opportunity to educate and inspire others to take action for justice in the criminal legal system of the USA. Let's organize all of Mennonite Church USA to act by sponsoring this resolution for our 2021 Convention! Texts we'll read in the service are Genesis 37:3-8, 17b-20, 25-27, 39:1-12, 16-23 and Luke 6:37-42, but enjoy reading the whole, wild story of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37-50 so you don't miss any of the dramatic details! 

Worship will also include prayer for our concerns, music to connect with the Spirit, and an opportunity to chat personally with a few others in the Zoom room! We're excited for online worship that feels more personal and less like watching TV, so join the Zoom meeting and interact with our worshiping community live. Looking forward to seeing you! ~Pastor Charlotte

Art credit: Darius Gilmont

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