There are many ways to answer this question but they all sound a bit contrived.  This is a church website so one would think that if anyone would be able to give a good answer it would be on this page, right? Wrong.

Jesus is not easily pre-packaged and sold.  Maybe that’s a good thing, because he’s not a commodity to be sold for someone’s profit. You can google the question and read all sorts of interesting things, but why not read the New Testament for yourself.  Don’t take someone else’s word for it.  Start with the book of Luke. (He was a doctor who interviewed people who were eyewitnesses of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.) That should give you a pretty good start. What we’re trying to say is that Jesus is probably not who you think he is. Jesus is more.

Here at Reba Place Church, we are grappling with Jesus. He said to love God and love our neighbors and that isn’t always easy. But love our enemies?! That’s never easy. We’d rather run the other way (after a few parting shots)! But Jesus keeps running alongside of us, getting our attention (most of the time it’s on me, myself and I). Jesus helps us remember the real plot of the story. The plot is to do life with God so things become on earth like they are in heaven. 

Speaking of heaven – let’s just say there are stars up in the sky. We live in an ever-expanding universe.  We have sunsets and waterfalls. Rainbows and whales.  Lightning and butterflies.  We are miraculously knit together in our mothers’ wombs because two people just had sex. Countries around the world – including ours – can destroy everything with nuclear bombs.  Wait, what?! Yeah, the world is an awesome and scary place. 

Many of us have had real encounters with Jesus.  We have had uncanny experiences with him revealing the God of the Universe knowing us inside and out and caring for us, loving us and healing us. We have found in Jesus the ultimate mediator between heaven and earth, and Jesus really does love earth, and all of us and everything about it (except evil). So he’s a good companion and guide for this awesome and scary world.

We find that Jesus likes to bring people together – at a party, around a table, around a task – always building a community of love and belonging.

We find that the Bible makes a lot more sense if you start with Jesus and read it through his way of understanding God and God’s priorities of love.

We find that our own mistakes and outright wrongs can be laid to rest when we confess them to Jesus and let him have them and heal us.

We find that we can’t ignore the suffering of our neighbors near and far when we feel his love in us and we realize that Jesus is suffering in them and for them.

We find Jesus in relationship – with him and with one another.

There’s plenty of room for you too.

This is long enough. Come on by. We may be a bit awkward and some of us have fashion from the seventies, but we’re real. And Jesus definitely is. 


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